Monthly Meeting Dates and Competitions

These dates are a guide only and may change at the discretion of the committee it is subject to weather and water conditions

August 24th Bowling in Kerang Followed by BBQ at Carol and Greg Bartons

September 20-21st Monthly Competition – Broken Bend, Cohuna

October 25-26th Monthly Competition – Kyalite Interclub Competition, Kyalite

November 15 – 16th Monthly Competition – Lake Charm, Lake Charm

December 5-7th Cod Opening Weekend – Ettershanks, Murrabit
Christmas Break-up


January 24 – 25th Monthly Competition – Kangaroo Lake- Subject to water and Heat

February 21 -22nd Monthly Competition – Murray River, Barham against Moulamein

March 18 – 19th Monthly Competition – Ettershanks, Murrabit

April 25 -26th Monthly Competition – Against Murray Downs

May 23 -24th Monthly Competition – Murrabit Boat Ramp, Murrabit

June 20 -21st Monthly Competition – Maude Weir Pool, Maude

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